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I Only Need A Weekend - Costa Rica

Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Welcome to our "I Only Need A Weekend" vacation list!!

This little paradise is for those that want to surf, go "hang out" in the forest doing some zip-lining, rafting or just relaxing at the beach until sunset. The Liberia Airport (LIR) is roughly a 3.5 hour flight from the United States and you can hire a shuttle to take you to Tamarindo Beach from the airport for as low as $20. (Rate is based on arrival time)

If you want a bit of night life, I suggest staying in the Playa Tamarindo area. Most of the bars and nightclubs are centered around the beach and there are many hotels and hostels to choose from. Most receptionist can arrange excursions and even surf lessons.

Tamarindo restaurants serve your typical latin food, but they also have American foods like BBQ and hamburgers. If you want to try a pizza with an amazing view, stop by The Roof Pizza, Bar & Sunset. Come early because seating does fill up fast. Also try some of the authentic food cooked by a local at one of the many restaurants they call "Sodas". Some stay open as late as 4 am. Any of the hotels on the main strip are fine due to everything being in close proximity.

In our opinion, Tamarindo is a certified "I Only Need A Weekend" Destination. We did a Thursday to Monday vacation and that was perfect. We talked to many other travelers while we were there and they were doing the same thing. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. I can update this post based off of questions asked.

A special shout out as always to to my wingman Jakarri S. from for the co-production. Tania Sol for allowing me to fly and crash my drone at her The Roof bar. lol

We used our exclusive FlightLife/Runway Boyz link for >>>>>><<<<<<<

And a special shout out to all the great people in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.......Pura Vida!!

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Equipment used: DJI Mavic 1 Pro DJI Mavic 2 Hasselblad DJI Osmo Pocket Go Pro Hero 7 Black Sony A7

This is a Runway Boyz Media Group Production

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