Runway Boyz Flight Life Group: The Travel Group Started By Black Military Veterans

Written by Brunno Braga Sep 22, 2021 via Travel Noire

After retiring from the Air Force, Ohio-based entrepreneur Kurtis Henry found himself miserable. For him, the transition from the military to civilian life was very hard. He tried therapy and other occupations to change his situation, but the thing that gave him peace and mental stability was a friend saying: ‘Man, you need to travel.’

Flight Life Group Admin Kurtis H. And Jakarri S.

“This was the best idea I’ve ever had. Traveling overseas, seeing different cultures and constantly changing my environment has brought me peace and some kind of happiness,” military vet Kurtis Henry told Travel Noire.

His passion for travel became so intense that he, after visiting 50 countries, decided to launch an international travel group. Meet The Runway Boyz Flight Life Group, started with his friend Jakarri Stroman, who is also a former Air Force member.