My "Luxurious" Spirit Airlines Experience

We have all heard about the Spirit Airline's cheap ticket prices with a catch. It is no surprise that their flights are bare minimum fares without any extras. Some people have no problem with this while others refuse to fly on an airlines that has had a bad reputation for service and comfort in the past. In this blog, I'll put all the myths to rest and give you the tips you need to make the most out of your next spirit airlines flight.

I bought a one way ticket to Cartagena, Colombia on Spirit Airlines out of Columbus,Ohio. Their fares were the cheapest I could find online 12 hours before the time I needed to leave. I paid for the checked bags and for the option to pick my seat for 83 more dollars.

I had noticed that no one bought the emergency row seats with extra legroom, so I chose the window seat. Once that airplane door shut, I knew that God put a calling on my life. The gift of travel expert. lol

Im not gonna wasn't that bad....The seats were a little uncomfortable and I brought my own food so I wouldn’t have to pay for the food on the flight. Someone suggested that I should invest in a butt pad if I fly on Spirit Airlines. I don't think I'm that committed to flying Spirit to the point where I need to buy extra equipment to sit comfortably on a flight. The menu was quite expensive (soda $3, a cold snack box was $8, and a combo was as much as $20)

Spirit Airlines Menu

I made sure I printed out my boarding pass before I got to the airport so I would not not be charged by Spirit to print one. I also made sure my bag weights were within the limit of spirit’s check- in and carry on bag policies before I got to the airport. The Check-in process was cool. A longer line than all the other airlines but it wasn't a long wait.